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What are diamonds? All information about diamonds for you

Diamonds are known as the king of gemstones, they possess timeless beauty and economic value. So what is a diamond? What physical and chemical properties does diamond have?

Through this article Eropi wishes to send readers general information about this rare mineral.

What are diamonds?
Diamond is one of the two best known allotropes of Carbon, the other being graphite. Diamonds have high hardness and excellent optical properties and they are used in industries, and especially the best quality diamonds are used in the jewelry industry.

Diamond is said to be a mineral with perfect physical properties. They are good materials for creating rough surfaces and only other diamonds - caged carbon crystals or ADNRs - can cut diamonds (only diamonds can cut diamonds). That means they can hold a polished surface for a very long time and very well. About 150 million carats (30,000 kg) of diamonds are mined each year with a total value of US$10 billion. In addition, there are about 100,000 kg of diamonds created in the laboratory.

The name "diamond" is derived from the Chinese word meaning hard metal, and in Greek they are called "admas" meaning "indestructible". They were collected as precious stones and used on Indian religious symbols 2,500 years ago. And ancient people knew how to use this mineral to create drill bits.

In the 19th century, diamonds became really popular, when cutting and polishing techniques really developed to a new level and the world economy began to have abundance. As demand for beauty increased and jewelers began to launch aggressive advertising campaigns for this rare gemstone.

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