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Vietnam asked Israel to ensure the safety of its citizens

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has asked Israeli officials to ensure maximum safety for Vietnamese citizens and their families in this country.

At a press conference on October 26, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Pham Thu Hang commented that the situation in the Middle East in recent days has become extremely complicated. "According to the information we know, Vietnamese citizens in Israel are still safe," Ms. Hang said.

Ms. Hang said that the Vietnamese representative agency in Israel continues to keep in touch with the Vietnamese community in war zones and update their situation. The Vietnamese Embassy "requests local authorities to ensure maximum safety for citizens and families, and at the same time be ready with citizen protection plans depending on people's wishes and the actual situation", the spokesman said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to advise citizens not to or avoid traveling to Israel if not absolutely necessary. Citizens in Israel need to prepare plans for situations where they need to safely evacuate people and property to a third country or to Vietnam. Citizens need to monitor information from the host country's government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond promptly.

There are about 500 Vietnamese people living and working in Israel, most in big cities, the rest scattered in many areas. Every year, Israel also receives hundreds of Vietnamese trainees, but the number decreased sharply this year, to about 180 people.

Fighting between Hamas and Israel broke out on October 7, leaving about 8,000 people dead and about 20,000 injured. Israel is continuing its air strikes on the Gaza Strip while Hamas is also launching rockets into the country.

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